Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zombie Typocalypse and More!

Designing is fun! After the Finding Nemo movie poster, I decided to do an art trade with my friend, Cori. She painted me a classic Mickey/Minnie scene and I made her this Star Command poster:


I really wanted to take this poster back and capture the feel of the old recruitment posters from WWI and WWII. I think it turned out pretty well!

Up next was a bit of typography with one of my favorite quotes delivered by the great visionary, Walt Disney.

There is so much truth condensed into that simple sentence.

Here is a couple of quick designs I made for my brother's band, Priam. (Check out their Facebook page here)

And I threw the plain logo on top of the picture they had as their default for this one:


And last, but certainly not least, is an illustration I'm particularly proud of: the Zombie Typocalypse. This is made entirely of ascii characters from various fonts.


And if you reeeally like it, you'll visit my Cafepress store and get it on a t-shirt!

Well, that's all for now. Check back for more updates!

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