Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Designing Nemo

And now, for my next trick, a movie poster!

About a year ago I ran across this amazing graphic artist named Eric Tan. Eric works for Disney designing the retro-styled movie posters for Pixar movies you all love. Please view his work at his blog: You won't regret it!

At any rate, I checked up on what he was doing recently and was inspired to create a poster my own. I challenged myself to design in the style that Mr. Tan uses in his art, and to attempt to design something to the caliber of his work.

I had no experience with vector art so I downloaded Inkscape, an open-source vector art program, and learned it on the fly. I sat down with some video tutorials and got to work! At the same time, I had to begin the design of the poster. I camped out in a park down the road and cranked out this concept sketch.

I wanted to do something Disney/Pixar and finally decided on Finding Nemo, mostly because it was the first movie I thought of when I sat down to design.

It was time to put digital ink to digital paper! Here is an interim export of the poster:

Notice those underwater mines? Originally, they looked like this:

The look didn't suit what I was going for so I re-shadowed the entire thing. These darn mines took the most time out of all of the elements included in this poster - totaling probably four hours of blood, sweat, and tears. To some more experienced artists, this may seem very steep but I am green in the graphic design world; it's an accomplishment that I even got it done!

Well, with some hard work and a solid vision, I turned out something I'm pleased with and proud to show:

If you'd like to see this even BIGGER, check this link

And if you dare to view the original size click here

*Since I'm not trying to start trouble: Characters and intellectual rights to the movie Finding Nemo, including all characters presented herein, are © Disney/Pixar.