Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

A happy (somewhat belated) Father's Day to all of you proud dads!

I was fortunate enough to spend this Father's Day with my own father. Always up for adventure, we decided to trek down to San Pedro to check out the former U.S. Army Installation Fort MacArthur.

We had a great time despite the hike up a steep incline to reach the Korean Bell of Friendship and the strong southwesterly winds once atop the hill. The wind was so strong, in fact, that I almost got drilled by a model plane (not a small model plane - we're talking an 8 ft. wingspan) that was trying to land nearby.

It was fascinating to see the huge foundations for the gun battery and the tunnel that peeked out in what appears to be a concrete machine gun turret shelter. Another little juicy tidbit is that this is the filming location of one of the scenes in Bryan Singer's 1994 crime thriller "The Usual Suspects," a favorite of mine.


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